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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

37 weeks

Total Weight gain-21 lbs
Belly measuring on target.
The baby is head down and about 6lbs
I'm actually slowly starting to feel better.
Rosie agreed I don't have to test my sugar anymore!
Gum has been helping me to digest better and to calm the acid reflux that happens in the mornings.

Saturday I went yard sale shopping, did lots of cleaning and sewing, packed our hospital bags, and did laundry, dishes, and dinner.  Also, I wasn't hydrating like I should have been.  All this gave me lots of contractions--more than 5 an hour--that didn't go away when I rested.  So, I had to call Rosie.  She told me to drink a quart of water and to lie down on my left side.  Meanwhile, Bunny was certain that we were going to the hospital that evening to have the baby because of all the baby preparations and the phone call to Rosie that she overheard.  Thankfully, Dave had just gotten home because I couldn't have dealt with her otherwise.  She was literally bouncing off the walls, and on the bed where I was trying to rest (and the contractions were coming every few minutes at this point) and I just couldn't calm her down without exacerbating the situation.  Meanwhile, I'm sitting there thinking about how my grades weren't done, the curtains on the baby's closet weren't sewn, and I hadn't altered my friend's bridesmaid dress.  That, and the baby was still premature at 36 weeks and I didn't want to risk him coming early.  I told Bunny, "Honey, I don't think we're going to the hospital tonight."  She responded,
"Please, Mommy, PLEASE! I want to go NOW!"  (she had grabbed more stuff to throw into her "hospital" bag). 
"Baby, Don't take it up with me.  I don't decide when the baby comes.  You'll have to talk to God about that." 
She walked into the hall, and excitedly prayed that God would let us go to the hospital that night and then hollered, "He said yes, Mommy! God said yes!"  Later, after I'd followed Rosie's instructions and was down to only 4 contractions in the hour, I told Bunny that we weren't going to the hospital that night.  "But Mommy, God said yes!" she responded.  When Dave finally put her to bed (she'd continued to run around the house like an excited little jumping bean throughout the duration of the hour) she laid awake for about 1.5 hours.  She was quiet and good about it, but obviously too excited to sleep.  When we woke up the next morning, I told her I was sorry that the baby didn't come the night before but that he would come soon.  In church, as Dave and a friend walked the kids to Children's Church, she told the friend, "The baby didn't come last night."  The whole ordeal--though a bit scary--was really quite funny.  I remember how me and my siblings would go crazy when we thought it was time for my mom to go to the hospital.  I feel badly, now, contributing to that.  Bunny was a handful and she is only one child.  I am sure that 3-6 of us getting into a frenzy like that must have been a lot for my poor mom to handle as she went into labor each time!
My breathing is better.  There were a couple of days there where I felt that I didn't have room to breathe, but that went away. 

My maternity capris are tight. They weren't with Bunny and I was bigger with her, so all I can think is that this baby is lower. 

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