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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

36 weeks

The baby's room is almost done. It's ready for him. 

Backaches continue in the evenings.

Contractions continue if I do lots of errands or housework. 

My digestion issues are on and off. Some days I can eat cookies and some days not. Whatever. 

A lot just stays the same. 

I'm having a more difficult time not waddling. I don't have to do it until my lower back starts hurting. Usually, the waddle starts at the end of the day, when I'm having a contraction, or if I've eaten too much and/or need to pee. 

Not sure how we're gonna get enough clothes for Asher, but we're trusting God. :-) At least he'll be born when it's hot. He can just hang around naked! 

Bunny is SO helpful and I'm often snappy with her. I hate that! 

Really achy at night

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