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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

27 Weeks
I've begun to waddle here and there. 

I've gained 9 pounds.

The baby is measuring 2-3 weeks big.

Rosie says to eat no carbs if I want to keep his weight down but since I'm only just now able to eat carbs, I don't know that I'll do that.  Honestly, carbs are what I'm craving now.

After sleeping like a baby all pregnancy, I'm getting some insomnia.  

The top part of my navel is starting to poke out. 

I've started opening my bra to a bigger band size so I feel like I can breathe.  This baby is definitely making his way into my chest cavity.

Dave and Noelle got the stomach bug and my morning sickness subsided while they were sick, just long enough so I could take care of them.

Snickers "craving"

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