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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

21 Weeks 

The little guy always moves about 10 minutes after a meal.  

I've started wanting to drink more (thankfully!).  All throughout this pregnancy drinking enough has been a problem.  

He has regular hiccups--like 4-6 times a day.  It's a little excessive and sometimes I worry if he's okay because he hiccups so much.  

There's lots of movement these days.  

One of my students felt him move.  She told me from the beginning that she wanted to so when I felt some hiccups one morning I grabbed her and she felt him almost right away.  

I sleep so well.  That's been pretty much the case all pregnancy.  I mean, I have moments of insomnia, but they don't last long and when I do wake up frequently from sleep I fall right back to sleep which isn't even the case when I'm not pregnant!

I gained 3 pounds!!! Sine this is the first bit of weight I've gained at all this pregnancy, I'm pretty pumped.  I don't remember what exactly I gained with Bunny at this point but I'm thinking more like 10 or 15.  It sort of proves my boy/girl theory right.  I've always said that women gain more weight when they're carrying girls! 

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  1. You've really popped! You look so beautiful!!!