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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

22 Weeks

I've actually started getting hot sometimes--it's more like a hot flash thing but at least I'm not freezing all the time anymore like I was in the beginning.

I ate three bags of fruit snacks the other night before bed and--poor baby--he was jumping like a Mexican jumping bean for over an hour!  I guess with me not handling sugar too well he has quite the reaction to having it.

He's moving a lot.  I'm not just feeling him when I'm at rest but now even when I'm walking around and doing stuff.  He especially after I eat and most especially I notice it when I come home and have my "naptime."  He's always pretty active then.

I'm still having queasiness every day and the mornings are the worst but I can say that the morning sickness is just about as over as I expect it to be.  It was at 5 months with Bunny that I finally felt myself and yesterday I hit the 5 month mark and I'd have to say it's the same.

My Zantac is really starting to work, though I feel it's also switching my diet around.  The acidic foods that I not only was able to eat but I craved while on Protonix (apples, grapefruit, kiwi, juice) now seem to cause me acid issues.  I've started drinking seltzer water like it's going out of style to help move the gas in my esophagus, though.  If I can burp, I'm usually okay.  It's when I can't that I get the urge to vomit.

I haven't been needing Dave to get me breakfast.  That was the case for a week a couple of weeks ago but then I went back to needing it regularly again so it's nice that I've been mostly self-sufficient this week.  I'm still eating eggs and that's still the most palatable food for me.  Currently I take my eggs with bits of ham, cheese, and chopped tomatoes.  My mouth waters just thinking of it! Hopefully I won't get sick of that any time soon because I keep having to change how I eat my eggs for that reason.  First they were scrambled, then omelets with cheese with spinach or peppers, then scrambled with ham and cheese and sometimes tomatoes, then fried, and now back to scrambled with ham and cheese and sometimes tomatoes again.

My boobs have started getting itchy.  Are they really going to grow again?  I mean, they've gotten fuller but there's no way possible they can grow larger than they did with Bunny.  I was a 36G for goodness sake! Certainly all that skin is still there to be filled out?  I'm not even fully filling my pregnancy bra from before, though I need it because I'm overflowing from my regular ones.  Also, there's been some dried colostrum present for a couple of weeks now.  With Bunny I wasn't sure what that was, but now I know it's just a reassuring sign that everything is going as it should.

My diet seems to be changing.  On the one hand, I'm unable to eat the fruit I liked to eat before, but on the other hand I'm able to eat some cheesecake which means that sugar is becoming okay and some almonds with chocolate chips.  I also found some sweet potato chips I really like and I think I can have rice crispy treats.  Now I had ALL of those--eating the way a stereotypical pregnant woman is expected to--the other day and I threw up a couple of hours later.  But since, I've been only eating some of it a little at a time to try to figure out what the offending food is and I'm thinking that it's maybe the chocolate but I can't be sure.  Wheat and most grains are still out though I'm still eating popcorn and recently I found I can eat Fritos.  I'm thinking the reason I can eat cheesecake is that it's got some protein and fat in it and I really need that.  I know that not all those calories are good ones but at this point gaining too much weight isn't really a concern and I just need some nice, fatty foods that will hold me over so I can stop eating all the time.

My varicose veins are painful and seem to be spreading on my right leg.  My left is fine.  There's only one spot where there painful and probably popped out beyond the ability to go back--that's on my ankle where I started getting those bruise-like spidery veins with my first pregnancy.  The other places where they're popping, I can tell it's not permanent at this point.  I don't know what I"m going to do about support hose come summer, though, because I don't see that even being a possibility with me being a generally hot-all-the-time person even when I'm not sick. 
Bunny loves her little brother SO much.  She is constantly pulling out toys from her collection to give to him and we have a large gift bag that is already almost full of his possessions.  We've also bought him a couple of things together and she just loves picking them out with me.  She's already possessive of him and can't wait until he comes.  I'm so, so glad that she loves him so much already.  

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