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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

49 Weeks

He reaches for our food.

He doesn't eat as much pureed stuff but the finger food mostly comes out whole in his diaper. 

He crawls super fast and pulls himself up on everything.

He opens drawers.

He loves his bath.  He slips and slides like a seal and likes the water being poured on him.

He likes playing in the empty tub.

He sits outside with me when I line dry the laundry.  He tries to eat the clothespins.  He'll also sit out there when I'm working in the garden. 

He likes playing with his red 4-wheeler.

He stood once on his own today.  It was an accident and he slowly lowered himself.

I've started putting a muslin swaddling blanket in the crib with him.

He barely even wears clothes around the house anymore.  He just hangs around in his diaper.

He moves around a lot in his sleep.  I find him in lots of crazy positions in his bed.

He forages around the house eating bits of paper, dropped food, and dirt.

He helped his sister do my hair in the car. 

We don't have stairs for him to climb at home, but at a friend's house we discovered he can climb the first couple steps.

He loves walks, but hates his sunhat. 

I thought that these plastic blocks would be a great way for the two kids to play together.  It wasn't really the case because he wanted to destroy his sister's dollhouse.  We had to quarantine him to one side of the room. 
Later, we just put him in his walker and his sister sacrificed her Dopey doll to keep him happy. 

I finally washed his January handprint from the wall.  I dusted for prints using makeup and brushes, saved it on paper, and then cleaned the print away.  Pretty sweet, huh?  Amazing what you can learn to do from the internet. 

He's pretty pleased with himself about this trick!

Took his nap during his sister's friend's birthday party in the Boba. 

Then, he woke up and flirted with some of the girls while trying to eat bits of grass and leaves.

We found this old guitar we plan to re-string and give to him for Christmas.  He loves guitars.  LOVES them.

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