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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

32 Weeks Old

He really likes the curtains in his room.  When I'm changing him he will always grab them when they're in his reach.  He grabs the ones he can reach from his crib too.

He wiggles and wiggles so much when being changed.  Also, he really hates it lately.

He has a specific "I'm dying" cry that he reserves for when his nose is being touched.  I hate cleaning his nose because it seems like he feels as if he's being suffocated--like he forgets or doesn't realize he can breathe through his mouth.  It's awful!

He like crinkly plastic.  I've taken to giving him the packaging from certain snacks if they contained nothing harmful to him like honey and when they're large enough they won't pose a choking hazard.

He responds to our laughter.  He was falling backwards when sitting up on my belly against my knees, and then later when he was on his belly he was bouncing his head up and down wildly while his sister and I laughed so hard!

He also likes launching his head at my torso/chest when sitting on my lap.  I laugh and he thinks it's funny too. 

He's started making clicking noises with his tongue.  It freaked me out the first time I heard it because I thought he was choking on his mucous or something.

He likes touching my nose/face when nursing.  He also has an amazing reach when he nurses, and eyes in the back of his head.  I can't hold anything--book, phone, etc--without him reaching out and grabbing it with those go-go-gadget arms!


He launches himself at stuff he wants.  When he's sitting up, he rocks back and forth until he gets enough momentum and then he throws himself on his belly so he's closer to it.  Also, he can maneuver himself pretty well when laying down even though he can't crawl anymore.

He's been clingy all week.  He's at the tail end of a croup or cold--the part where he coughs all the stuff up that's been building in his lungs or chest or wherever it builds.  When he started being sick he refused to nurse which was so unlike his sister when she was sick and nursing.  Now, though, he's back to nursing normally again.  He is still super clingy--mostly to me, and seems unable to entertain himself or be alone %90-%95 of the time.  If me and his sister are in the room with him and he was playing contentedly by himself and one or both of us leaves, he cries pitifully.  If I had him and he was happy and I put him down to pee or move laundry from the washer to the dryer, he cries pitifully.  When Daddy and I are both home together and Daddy has him and he knows I'm about, he cries pitifully.  Then I'll hold him and he's happy as a clam again.  He didn't need anything but me.  He's a true Mama's boy. 

I've switched to mostly prefolds to be able to keep up with the diaper laundry.  They're so quick and easy to launder.  I discovered how much I like them with Baby Bear when I thought he had yeast on his bum (apparently yeast doesn't stay alive on cotton after being laundered)

He's regularly eating purees now.  Sometimes he only eats a little--then I plop the rest onto his tray and let him play with him.  Sometimes he just wants the spoon, sometimes he plays with both the spoon and the puree.  I've also started "double spooning," as prescribed by my speech therapist friend.  He likes that.  He holds one spoon while I feed him with the other. 

He gets on his hands ane knees a lot and scoots back and back and back until he gets himself stuck somewhere.

He always finds a way to get to something he wants that's on the floor.

He liked then hated this basket thing.

This was taken right before he projectile vomited all over both his Daddy and his sister.

I came home to find Daddy feeding him his bottle which is weird for me since I never think of him as a baby who drinks from bottles, but of course he is.

I couldn't help myself with this stripes on stripes on stripes outfit.

This is how I get dinner and dishes done in the evenings. 
Sweet little boy in his super fun pajamas.
Watching the Olympics with his sister.

He didn't gag or throw up after chewing on this apple slice. 

He fits Bunny's old Elmo/Cookie hat.

Watching Snow White with his sister.  I don't make a habit of letting him watch TV but he loves it when it is on.

My boy.

He loves listening to Daddy sing...
...but he loves the idea of eating the paper more.

We've started this new, evening ritual of brushing our teeth together. This was his first time with the toothbrush, I believe.

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