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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

9 Weeks

Baby Bear is barely floppy anymore.  He is pretty sturdy and his head control is at about 90% when vertical.
He pivots while lying on his back.

He is SO happy when he is happy.

He likes to grip my thumb as I hold his arm firmly when I hold him tightly and pace. 

He is still taking the bottle easily.

He nurses well, but sometimes nursing causes him discomfort--if he's got reflux at the moment or if he's gassy.

He still needs Zantac and Mylicon, but less Mylicon than last week.  We tried to get rid of the former with devastating results. 

He tries to have conversations with people--animated conversations--like with me, Bunny, and Bunny's best friend.

Tuesday we went to see the doctor because his foot swelled and turned red and his leg turned purple again.  At the time he weighed 13 lbs even and they said it was either a circulation problem or a latent reaction to his supposed bug bite at Roxbury two weeks ago.

When sleeping on his tummy, he often lifts his head to reposition a couple of times which sometimes means his head bobs up and down and side to side a good bit for a few moments.  I think he wishes he could sleep with his face straight down, but he always discovers that he can't and moves accordingly.


He wasn't as awful in the car ride to see my family as we'd anticipated.  I sat in the back with him throughout the first part of the trip and my presence was calming at points, but if he was determined to be mad, there was nothing I could do about it so I went to the front and was able to comfort him almost as well from there.  He cried for like 10 minute increments 4-6 times and slept for an hour or two at a time.  He certainly wasn't happy to be in the car, but he sought sleep as an escape.  On the ride home he slept for about 5 hours straight and then screamed for the last 45 minutes.  Both trips (to and from) took 7 hours.  Bunny's first trip there took 9, so we were delightfully surprised.

We feel he wasn't as fussy in the evenings as usual.  He was easier to calm down.

He's started wearing his teething necklace.  We'd like to think it's making a difference but it's hard to tell because there are so many other contributing factors.   He wears it around his ankle under a sock rather than around his neck since he can't sit up yet.

 He likes being carried this way.  The position plus the pressure on his tummy must really help his gas and/or reflux. 
 He surprised me by falling asleep in this swing.  The swing doesn't work most of the time, but when it does, it's magic. 

 He'll stay contented longer if I bring him into Noelle's room when she's playing.  I think the room is just full of so many delightful things to look at he gets bored less easily.  Also, he feels like he's part of the action, I suppose.

 Our little guy in the morning--EARLY in the morning when me and Daddy would like to sleep. 

 One of the ways I like to burp him is on his belly over my legs.

 He's using the paci sometimes--but really only when in the Moby or the Boba. 

 Bunny and Bear took their first bath together--sort of.  I just plopped him in while she was getting cleaned and washed him quickly.

 A side by side comparison of Bear and Bunny at this age.

He got to meet my family.  He wasn't as clingy to me as his sister was the first time she met them--though she was slightly older at the time.  He doesn't really care who is holding him as long as he is held and held well. 
 A comparison of Me on the left and Bear on the right.
 Anther comparison--me and my mom on the left and Bunny with Bear on the right.
 Yet another--me and Baby Bear
 Auntie Gail worked her magic and got you to take a pacifier.

 With Auntie Erin who nearly killed me for taking a picture of her without makeup, in her pjs so early in the morning.

 Nonno was quite amusing and loves you SO much!
 Grandma loves you too, but you know that since you've met her already.

 Nursing in the nursing room at my parents church.  I normally just feed you wherever, but I wasn't comfortable doing it in their church.

 We got a nice family shot that includes you! I'm not sure if it will blow up large enough to frame since I took it with the iPhone, but I'm going to try!

 Auntie Erin held you in the Boba carrier. 
 Auntie Janet was a little skittish about holding you at first.

But then she got the hang of it. 

 Auntie Gail has the magic touch with babies.

 This is my side of the family--large and full of love for you and your sister.

 Chillin' with Daddy.

 Some family snuggles.  We don't let this happen often.

 Uncle Eric got to hold you for the first time.

 Having some great conversation with me.

 Auntie Caroline's boob was a very comfortable place to put your hand, I guess.  Babies love boobs!

 You sucked your thumb unassisted and without being held for the first time.  It makes me happy when you self-soothe.

 Bunny tried to help calm you down on the ride home when you were distressed.

 A nice nap with Uncle David.

 Saying goodbye to Grandma.

 Aah! It's so nice to be home, napping on Mommy as usual.

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