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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

10 Weeks

His birthday and his sister's are 10 weeks and 1 day apart--I didn't realize it was that close!  

He weighed 13lb 8oz this week and was 24 1/2 inches long.  He had his 2 month check-up and 3 of 6 vaccines.  I chose to stagger them to see how he would react to them.

He woke up a lot during the night after his shots but had no fever or averse reaction.  He was even less fussy than normal until bedtime.

I sort of think having the amber teething bracelet (he has a bracelet now that he wears and the necklace has been put aside until he is older) helped, but it could have been that he only had 3 shots instead of 6.  I'm comparing him to his sister, of course, but they're different people so it could have just been his disposition too.  And then again, he might just be maturing and that's the reason he takes the vaccines so well.  Who knows?

He can go from angry to happy in a hearbeat when you put him on the changing table and start to take off his diaper.  Over time, I can see he realizes what the changing table means so his crying dissipates earlier and earlier in the diaper changing process as the days go by.  He LOVES to be naked and the moment his butt is free he kicks and squeals and smiles so much that the changing table starts to sway a little bit.  He looks out the window the whole time, too, because windows are still his favorite.  He almost always turns his face towards the brightest source of light.

He is starting to drool.  Noelle always wipes it for him when she sees it happening.

When I had raw milk, it seemed to aversely affect both my stomach and his so I laid off.  However, I think I just need to get used to it again and it will stop affecting my milk.  Pasteurized milk no longer seems to bother him when I drink it.

He's sturdy enough that I can hold him facing outward.

We put him in the high chair at dinner--it's reclined slightly because he can't sit up on his own yet--and he LOVED IT!!!  He cooed and talked to us the whole time we ate and was so happy to be a part of our conversation.  This is in contrast to him having to be asleep or in our arms or content only for about half of dinner before needing to be held.  Turns out, he was just feeling left out!

We are discovering how social he is.  His happy time is multiplied when someone is there to share it with him.  He just loves attention and adores when we talk to him.  He reciprocates conversation with adorable coos, laughs, and squeaks.

He's had a couple of real giggles here and there.  His giggles are contagious.  Also, I laughed at his pooping the one day and he responded with the biggest smile which tells me he knows the appropriate way to respond to my laughter.  We were in on a little happy joke together there for awhile!

His fussiness seemed worse towards the middle of the week which can probably be attriubuted to his vaccines, but it makes me wonder if the amber bracelet does anything.

 He grabs things if they are already in his hands or fingers--such as my shirt or Bunny's hair.  He tries to grab the pacifier because he takes it now and wants desperately for it to stay in his mouth (the paci almost never stays in his mouth unless something holds it there) but doesn't quite have the ability to grab on his own or to accurately guide something into his mouth once it's in his hands.

He does hold things in his hands that we put there--meaning I open his little fingers and then close them around the object.  He likes that.


  Towards the end of the week he's been desperately trying to get the linking rings into his mouth that I give him to hold when he's in the high chair.

As mentioned earlier, he is finally taking the pacifier.  He likes the one that you can stick your finger into and only sucks it when you hold it to his mouth.  He especially likes it when he can grip one of your fingers and rock, and if you put your hand on the side of his face, all the better.  I haven't had to wear him at home to calm him down as much because he has been calmed by this.

We haven't given him as much Mylicon this week--especially towards the end of the week.

He's super happy and giggly first thing in the morning--like around 5 or 5:30am and then he's ready for his first nap at around 7am. 

There has been more cosleeping this week.

After his vaccines he fed a lot during the night and i wonder if he was just boosting my milk supply for a growth spurt.

 His afternoon nap is always on his tummy on the couch.

What dinner sometimes looks like when Daddy's not home for it. 

 Oh, so many wonderful baby snuggles all, day long! I'm going to miss this when I go back to school. 

He likes hanging out in his sister's room while she and I play.  His sister really likes that too.

His fantastic personality is showing through already!

He's getting so chunky! His little body is so squishy and cuddly, and he LOVES being naked, let me tell you!

Enjoying some social time in the high chair. 

Enjoying some love from his big sister who would touch, cuddle, and play with him 24/7 if she were gentler and I would allow it. 

She keeps watch over him in the car--singing to him, amusing him, giving him his paci, and covering him with a blanket if she feels he's cold. 

We enjoyed going to the baby shower of my dear, old friend and maid of honor.

And we visited a family who--though we see very rarely these days--is like a second family to us.  They got to meet both kids for the first time!

We enjoyed a fun-filled family day on his big sister's fourth birthday.
He loves the chiropractor lately.

Chillin' on my legs while we had preschool at our friend's parents farm.

Sitting with the kids for lunch.
I think he really wishes he could sleep with his face like this all the time, but it's so hard to find oxygen this way!

WEll, hello there, handsome!

A comparison of him and his sister around the same age (His sister is on the left). 

Snuggles with Daddy before he goes to work.

Lately, I've been nursing him and letting him nap on me while reading Harry Potter.  I started the series just before I realized I was pregnant with him and stopped halfway through book 6--I don't fully remember why--so it seemed a good series to pick up now that nursing and snuggling takes up much of my day.

I had some fun with Jake and Sofia stickers in preparation for his sister's birthday party.

His faces as he wakes up are awesome!

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