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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

6 weeks

Noises wake him up when he is sleeping on his own at night or when his sleep is bordered by tummy problems.  For instance, I can't watch any shows on Netflix while he's swaddled in his pack-n-play at night.  However, during his daytime naps, noises don't seem to bother him, but this is probably because he's on my tummy for most of his naps.

When he's sleeping on my chest he'll suddenly lift his head up high and then drop it back down.

He feels chunkier.

He's down to waking up only once during the night.

He's getting social.  He smiles and coos, squeals, or grunts at us--he mostly grunts. :-) He grunts at just about every occasion--when waking up, when happy, when getting irritated..he's a grunter! I started grunting back at him the one day and he smiled and wiggled happily, making eye contact with me.  Then we started doing it back and forth between the two of us like a conversation or a game.  It was really fun to be able to interact with him in that way.

I can tell that he's longer because when I nurse him lying down his little body doesn't fit the way it used in the distance between my breasts and my legs.

He loves Bunny.  He seems fascinated when she interacts with him and smiles at her.  He also puts up with her roughness very well.  Dave and I cringe at the way she loves on him sometimes and we ask her to be gentle, but he's usually un-fazed.

Occasionally he giggles/laughs in his sleep.

He grabs the neckline of my shirt sometimes when nursing or simply when cradled.  

He got a bug bite that swelled up his foot, turning it pink, and turned his leg blue with red splotches up to his knee.  We freaked out about it because it was scary looking.  We took him to the Roxbury nurse who confirmed it was a bug bite (I was wondering if he had some fast spreading infection and if we were going to have to amputate his little leg--excessive, I know, but I was freaking out) and said that his reaction was probably normal but since he is so young we needed to take him to the ER to be sure.  We waited there FOREVER because they lost his chart, but then the doctor came in and said his reaction was normal for a newborn.  Both she and the nurse said it did that because of his immature immune system.

He HATES his  Zantac and has figured out how to spit it out if we give it to him a certain way.  Also, sometimes he happily sprays milk when he's nursing. I think he just tries to talk when nursing and the spraying milk is a result of that.

He still prefers to be held upright and against the chest.

He has awesome head control when he's vertical.  He's wobbly, but only when he tries to move around.  He doesn't wobble when he keeps his head still.

I don't give him a lot of tummy time (I guess I should), but he's close to rolling over when he does get on his tummy.

If he pulls out of his swaddle at night and starts waking up, we only need to tighten the swaddle, tucking his flailing arms back inside for him to go back to sleep.  However, if he's waking up because he's hungry or needs to be changed, then this won't help at all.

His diaper rash finally went away when we started using California Baby Calendula Cream on his rash underneath the unpetroleum jelly.  I tried to keep him in wool while at Roxbury, but it was hard because wool shorties don't go well under most of his clothing and I just didn't have hands that were free often enough to finish knitting him another wool soaker.

He's starting to get cradle cap and the peeling skin on his face is all but gone.

Fun times at Roxbury Camp Week  A friend held him during most of the service one, hot evening.

First family outing to Cracker Barrel since his birth.  We went to the Mexican restaurant in town right after his circumcision and that was our first time at a restaurant alone as a family of 4.  The first time out as a family of four ever was with my Mom and we went to the local ice cream/quick food shop down the road from our house. 

 I started letting him take his naps on his tummy because he did so well on his tummy when taking his naps on my chest.  He sleeps better this way and according to Rosie, statistically reflux got worse once babies started sleeping on their backs.  I don't do it at night, though, because I'm not awake to monitor him then.  I might do it once he's rolling over on his own and holding his head up high when on his tummy, but we'll see.  I get paranoid about my kids' safety. 

 I found an additional way of burping him. 

 A couple of his more social moments.

 He's definitely a Mama's boy.  I can calm him much more quickly and easily than Dave, and that's not counting nursing. 
 His "hungry" face.

 A comparison shot with Bunny when she was close to his age. I do these types of shots all the time--it's so cool!

He's not a fan of the car, but his sister tries to entertain him and calm him down when he gets agitated.  Sometimes she's too rough, but lots of times she's very, very helpful.

Only 6 weeks old and already on FaceTime!

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