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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

25 Weeks

I seem to be suffering from more stomach/digestive acid--especially afternoon to evening. 

Increased libido all pregnancy--maybe even more than when I'm not pregnant. Getting bigger makes it tougher, though. 

I'm feeling more subtle fetal movements in addition to the bigger ones.  I feel him moving even when it's something small. 

The bad taste in my mouth seems to have returned. 

I'm suddenly ravenous for dairy and cheeses--just not milk.  I'll have a sip of it here and there and it never settles well--leaves lots of bubbles in my system so I stay away. 

I seem to be going from deep, wonderful sleep to being awake more times in the night.  I always wake up a lot when I sleep but since being pregnant I've been able to go right back to sleep--at least during this second trimester.  Now, when I wake up, it's harder to fall back asleep.

There's still blood in my nose. Actually, my nose is quite sensitive and feels dry and awful lot.  I blow it frequently because I also have more mucous in it (which I chalk up to pregnancy) and the mucous is always bloody.  I take it that's because I have more blood flowing through me right now.  I mean, I never get a bloody nose, per say, I just have bloody mucous. 

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