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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Still Pregnant

So, today I was a little encouraged when I woke up to light nausea.  I am also noticing a persistent bad taste in my mouth which was always there at the beginning of Bunny's pregnancy.
I've added a couple of pregnancy apps to my phone and I've been happily researching my baby's development.

I've also noticed slight headaches and the fact that my bowels seem to constantly want to empty themselves.  At first, this worried me because it felt like menstrual cramps but then I quickly discovered what was going on.

I'm so chill about it all this time.  It's so much nicer starting this process after having already seen it through to the end.  I trust God too.  Even if he chooses to allow a miscarriage, I know He has a plan that's for the best.  If I'd only have known that throughout Bunny's pregnancy and infancy, things would have been much nicer for me.

We're considering nursery plans now--a mural in the craft room would be nice, but not a full room mural this time.  Something much more simple and minimal than what I did for Bunny, hopefully.

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