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Monday, October 29, 2012


For most people, today marks the day of the advent of hurricane Sandy, the “Frankenstorm,” but for us, it marks the discovery that our family of 3 is going to increase to 4 in 9 months.  I found out this morning.  Bunny had to pee, and as usual, I did too, but held it while she went.  I started peeing and then thought, I should check since I'm a day late.  So I did.  I peed into the little baby food jar that is always on the window sill since I've been testing just about every month for over a year, and then I put a couple of droplets onto the $.88 test from Walmart.  The second line was faint, but it was there, and since I've been testing for so long, I know that even a faint line means pregnancy.  There's never been even a hint of a line before. So, kneeling against the wall behind Bunny who was washing her hands I yelled to Dave in the other room, "I think I'm pregnant! Really, There are two lines!"

I’m so much more chill this time.  One pregnancy test, no phone calls to the doctor yet… I think it’s partly because I’ve done this before and partly because of the amazing things God has done in our lives this past year.

Let’s see… I wasn’t really too much more convinced I was pregnant this month than any of the 16 that preceded it because since Bunny, I’ve had all the major pregnancy symptoms the week before every period.  However, I did notice I was uncommonly tired (fell asleep during Bible study and during one of my favorite TV shows), and my breasts were more tender than normal.  Yesterday  morning, I noticed an extreme aversion to sugar at R-bury and Jeremy S jokingly made a comment that I might be pregnant.  I also had a dream the night before that I WAS pregnant so I was really hoping it was a sign, and it was, I guess.

I’m so excited.  I didn’t enjoy Bunny’s pregnancy.  It caught me off guard and it was MISERABLE, but after trying to conceive for over a year and failing, I am so enchanted by the idea of living through this miracle again and truly appreciating it.

So, now that I know I’m pregnant, I’m not very sick at all.  Just a tiny touch of manageable nausea before breakfast, and still the tiredness.  There’s been some achy-ness  down below, and I don’t even know if it’s in my head or not.  I can’t relaly call the OB/GYN, or more preferably a midwife because of the storm, but that’s okay.  I’d like to get a blood test or hear a heartbeat just to know it’s all for real and that the baby’s alive, but I’ve waited this long so I’m sure I can wait til that actually happens.
I sorta thought conditions had been prime for this.  I switched to a Paleo diet and my chiropracter assured my my body would have no problem getting pregnant once I was on it.  Also, Dave and I had sex on my ovulation day and the conditions were prime for conception.  Besides, he is finally settling into his new job so ultimately, I just think God thought the timing was right.

I wish we could tell Bunny but I don’t want her to know until the possinility of miscarriage is low.  She’ll be so excited.  She just loves babies.  I think it will be an adjustment oo, but that God will help her get through the paradigm shift.  And, I’m so SO happy she’ll finally have a playmate.  I’ve been praying for that for so long!

As to the gender, I’d be happy with a boy or a girl, but part of me would love to have a boy.  I sort of already feel it’s a boy but I don’t know that this is a reliable thing to go by, feelings I mean.
So, I was four weeks along come last Thursday which means the baby is about as vulnerable as he (or she) can be.  Still, I’m thrilled that God seemed to be providing him all the nutrients he needs because I started taking prenatal vitamins just around a week or two before conception (because I was trying not to get any more ear infections and I feel that vitamins will keep me from getting sick), so even in that, I clearly see God’s hand.

As this day has gone by, I’ve been feeling a bit more nausea, which makes me confident that the baby’s probably safe.

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