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Sunday, November 11, 2012

6 Weeks

Things are definitely worse with this one than they were with Bunny now.  I'm throwing up 2-3 times a day and despite many medicines and remedies, little actually makes me feel human.

Zofran--Does relieve the nausea but my stomach is so full of acid that I throw up anyway.

Zantac-- Seems to make me horribly hungry but doesn't seem to reduce acid.  I'm throwing up so often that I'm going to stop taking it for awhile. 

Sea Bands--may be helping the nausea a little, but I'm not sure, so I keep wearing them just in case.

B6--Same as the sea bands.

Ginger--I don't know if it helps at all, but it certainly can't hurt!

I was taking Dramamine for awhile, but the Zofran is replacing that.

Actually, Coke may be helping a little and Tums too.  Funny, becuase Tums didn't touch the problem when I was pregnant with Bunny, but then again, I didn't have acid with her until 3 or 4 months in.

I don't know how I'm going to teach through this.  I just took three days off last week so with that and the weekend I've had five days to just be sick.  Bunny's grandparents even took her for a day and a half of that time and Dave was home for two of those days so I've really gotten to just rest and figure out my body.  I get to see Rosie early due to all this--next Thursday--and maybe she can help some more--though I'm sure she's quite sick of me already because of how often I've been calling.

Bunny's being such a sweet, understanding little dear through this all.  We told her last Wednesday, November 7th and she was very excited.  Now that she knows, and she realizes that Mommy is going to be sick for awhile, she tries to give me things that will make me feel better and prays for and kisses the baby. and she lets me rest for the most part.  She colors and plays with her baby dolls and practices her letters and we watch movies together at 7pm when I'm ready to go to bed and she's not. 

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