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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

23 Months Old

The last post and the next two posts got a little mixed up in the pages document I was keeping on my cloud.  Apparently I titled them with the same heading and then proceeded to write both months developments in each one.  I tried to sort them out, but oh well.  Some of this just may belong to last month or the next month. 

I went to nurse him today twice and on both occasions after sucking a little He told me, "All gone. Milk all gone." That makes me so sad.

He strings together sentences all the time. He talks about what he wants or what one of us doing. Nothing abstract yet

" Gramma work? Gramma home? Daddy home?" -Bear  He said this while Daddy was at work and after Grandma had gone home after her visit. 

Bear has discovered how to get into the lazy Susan and get the snacks he wants.  We’re attempting to crack down on that behavior.  Swift punishment every time.  So far, he still does it.

The boy is absolutely CRAZY for playing with water and he loves the hose.

He says “now” a lot.  For example:  “I wan… juice…now, Mommy.”

Can you tell he's been ultra adventurous lately?

HE says “MINE!” a lot when he wants something someone else has, or when Noelle or someone else takes something he is playing with.

Bear: More cheese. Now.
Me: more cheese, please.
Bear: More cheese, now?
Me: Please. Say please.
Bear: Okay.
Me: Not okay, say please.
Bear: (smiles) Okay. Thank you!

 I told him the trick to wearing glasses was putting them on his ears so he walked away and did this by himself, then walked up to me and said, "On ears. On ears."

A 4 year old neighbor came over to play and Bear is so excited he just keeps going up to her and screaming.  At first, it wasn't words, now he yells, "GIRL?  GIRL, GIRL!"

I thought he was going to give up nursing there for awhile.  Sometimes he only grabbed the nipple and chewed on it or blew zrbbts against my breast.  When he does that I cut him off.  Some days he wasn’t even asking for it. He’s gone back to asking for it and if he’s sleepy or weepy enough, he actually nurses well.  I must have enough in there to satiate him a little.  If he’s really thirsty, though, he’ll pull off and ask for water or milk.

He can’t climb out of the crib but he’s close.  We’re considering giving him a mattress on the floor soon.

Bear sings “Oh my soul!” (10,000 Reasons) all the time.  And he asks us to sing it too.  “Sing Oh my soul! More! Sing!”  Sometimes he sings it along with us as we sing other songs.  Often he closes his eyes in earnest and just makes wordless music when he listens to the Spanish songs I’m trying to learn on youtube.  It’s so precious how the music just can’t stay inside of his big little heart.

I pulled out the guitar yesterday and Bear smiles and follows me and says, "Spanish, Spanish!"  I guess since he's been experiencing Spanish classes his whole life and I almost always play the guitar when I teach, he associates it with that.

This sweet tower Bear made fell over so he started angrily and systematically throwing his wooden train tracks all over the room. My little guy has some anger management issues. I guess that's what some people call the terrible twos. He's not terrible though, he just has an awful temper!

Bear has already been put to bed. Bunny and I are watching Frozen before we go to sleep. "Let it Go" comes on and I'm not surprised when Noelle sings along, but it cracks me up when I hear little Bear taking a break from complaining to me about being in the crib to sing along too.

Bear colored all over the glass door. I found him and scolded him and showed him where the washcloths were and how to wash it. Now, he keeps going back to the drawer, grabbing a new washcloth, and washing windows. He blesses my heart!

Sunbathing with his sister and her little friend.

Hanging out in Rosie's office in M-burg when I had a prenatal checkup.  He is just so darling with his little man clothes and his sippy cup.

Posing by an empty pool with his sister. 

Really excited about the chickens at his babysitter's house.

A picnic with some buddies.

"Lincoln loh?"  His current favorite toy.  He doesn't just like to play with them, no, he likes to dump them. "I dumpin, Mommy.  I dumpin Lincoln Loh!"

A super cold popsicle.

Dragging his big gorila around with him.

He found his babysitter's hat and decided to wear it. 

Yardsaling with the family before Daddy had to go to work. 

Bedtime snuggles.

On Mother's Day I had a monstrous toothache and couldn't get out of bed and he was having none of it.  He tried so hard to get me to move.

"Mommy, pay trains?  'Mon, Mommy.  Pay trains." 

This picture is just so cute!

Just another afternoon in the pool. 

Waking up at the sitter's house when I came over to pick them up after school. 

He told me this was a necklace.

Dave and I went away for our anniversary and this was Baby Bear's face when we FaceTimed him and he realized that we were both gone.  Up until that point he was having a fabulous time with his grandparents.

With Nonno, at a picnic at the park.

With Grandma, getting ready for a trip to another park.

My mom sent me this photo and I just love it! I love how Bunny is being the overprotective big sister and how Bear is just thoroughly enjoying the fun she decided to have with him.  It truly defines their relationship.

Cracker Barrel with the family. 

Making forts with the kit Uncle David and Aunt Lori got them for Christmas.  Every once in awhile I let them take this out and it inhabits my living room for a couple of days.
He fell asleep on a bike ride.  I didn't even realize that was possible.

Asleep when Grandma and Nonno were ready to leave, so Nonno was saying goodbye and taking a picture of him. 

Picking strawberries from our patch.  He doesn't really like strawberries but he gets excited to pick them and tries to eat them and enjoy them every time.

He took one of the tubes from the fort building kit and turned it into a straw.

Strawberry shortcake--but he left the strawberries behind. 

He is a little, baking fiend.  If I am baking, he must be helping.  If I want to bake without his help, it has to happen when he is asleep. 
With some friends.  He sort of did his own thing while the rest of them all played together.

Playing with his little buddy.

A monstrous temper tantrum in Walmart (10 minutes long at least) because we wouldn't let him wander the aisles by himself.  He kept running off.

Baby snuggles.
Happy, wet boy who had just pooped in the pool and we didn't realize it yet.

At his little sibling's big ultrasound.

Peek-a-boo in the midwife's office.

Play Dough.  Oh, how he loves play dough.

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