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Saturday, May 2, 2015

22 months old

Baby Bear colored all over the glass door. I found him and scolded him and showed him where the washcloths were and how to wash it. Now, he keeps going back to the drawer, grabbing a new washcloth, and washing windows. He blesses my heart!

 When your one year old charges at you yelling, "KISSES! KISSES!" you give him kisses.

Baby Bear: UP! I want up!
Me: Hold on.
Baby Bear: I cryin'!

Bunny's watching a Tinkerbell movie and Baby Bear comes in and says, "Peek-a-boo, Tinkerbell. I see you!"

Me: It's time for bed, Asher. Kiss for Bunny... Kiss for Mommy...
Asher: Grandma. Kiss. Grandma kiss?

He says "keekin" and "teetos" for chicken and potatoes.

He likes to push Bunny's shopping cart and stroller around.

He discovered the sandbox and could probably spend hours there.

We spend so much time outside with me being nauseated that he has a little farmers tan.

He likes to swing on the swing with his "mickah mouse" blanket.

He likes rocks. He puts them in a big plastic plant pot we have outside.

He loves bicycles.  Bunny's push tricycle is his favorite and he love s to watch her ride hers.

He really likes riding in the wagon for walks.

He regularly announces: "I did it!!"

He has a real grumpy streak--especially when he is tired.

When he wants something he can't have or when we don't understand what he wants, he very purposefully throws himself on the floor for a dramatic tantrum.

He has anger management issues. Normally he is very sweet and easy going and compliant but when he is angry he pushes and hits and throws things. He routinely hits his sister when she annoys him. 

It's funny listening to him practice stringing sentences together. He's in the crib saying, "I Yeah. I drank...awater." In the mornings if we don't come get him quickly enough he says, "Daddy, I poop. I pooped!"

Bear doesn't necessarily have a normal nap routine.  With a different schedule each day, some days he gets one nap in the morning, or afternoon, and some days he ends up with two naps.  Today, he took a nap in the morning which generally means he might need one in the evening.  This morning he had one nap.  When, I got home and I put him in the bed after a little bit of playing and he was obviously not tired.  He came out and played with play dough while I cleaned up the house. He told me he was poopy, I changed him and asked him if he wanted a nap.  He must have thought I asked him if he'd already napped because he says, "Yes! I did it!"  Then, I put him in the crib and he realized what I really meant.  Poor little guy.  Come summer, I hope to get him on a nice, normal routine.  He's going to have to wait another month and a half.

"I (want) coffee? I (want) coffee? More coffee?" -Bear

First, Baby Bear found a clothespin and wandered around the house pinching it while hollering, "Shark! Shark!" 
Later, he came up to me and said, "I poopy.  Oh goodness." 
Now that he can finally tell me some of what's on his mind, I'm discovering my son is actually quite funny!

Bear: Bunny sleep?
Me: Yeah, she's still sleeping.
Bear: I'll get it, Bunny. (He proceeds to walk into her room) (C)'mon, 'mon, Bunny, Bunny. Up, up!

Bear  used two sometimes three words together now--especially for common phrases that he hears like "I got it."

He's helpful and sweet.

He says the ends of his words now, nur is now nurse, for instance.

He is a monster when you give him chocolate. It's all he can think about!

He understood the concept of gathering eggs but he and all the kids in his age group were really slow about it. It was very cute.

He did not like the tractor pulled barrels at my school's big fair fundraiser! His sister held him and she said he cried the whole time.  Poor buddy!

With his Easter basket from us Easter morning.

With his sister in church on Easter Sunday, dressed in their finest.

At Grandpa's and Grandma Bridgette's house for a third Easter Egg hunt.

He loves helping Daddy and doing whatever Daddy is doing.

He must find comfort in the use of essential oils.  He asks for them all the time.  HE found this empty EO applicator and ran around the house rubbing it on himself and talking about "My oils"

With his favorite book.

He loves going in the backseat of the van which he isn't allowed to do because his seat is in the middle.  When left to climb into the car on his own, he retreats to this back seat.  We got to our sitter's house early one day so I let him sit back there while we waited and they watched a DVD.

Grandma came to visit which was a big treat for all involved.  He got very attached to her very quickly.

Snuggled up together to watch What's in the Bible on Grandma's air mattress. 

Grandma and his sister were planting pansies and watering them so I gave Bear a watering can too and he decided to water the car.

He loves my Spanish puppet so much!

Dinner with the family and Grandma.

Happy boy!
Saying goodbye to Grandma.

He really likes oranges (well, they're actually clementines.

Play dough is the big thing lately.  He (and his sister) are obsessed with it.

Checking out the fish pond at the local nursery where we bought our plants.

Hanging out with his Grandpa (who he calls Grandma currently).  He just loves Grandpa.

At an OB/GYN appointment running around like banshees through the office.

Boy does baby Bear LOVE to bake with me!!! If I am baking, he is THERE with me, usually demanding that he do everything himself. 

He likes watching this blue tractor across the street.

Very proud of himself for finding his sister's shoes and putting them on by himself.

Playing with the boom whackers that a musical group brought to church one Sunday.

"Helping" his sister with the dishes.

Grumpy, I don't remember why.  I especially like the marker on his face.

Our regular bedtime routine since I've been pregnant.  It's getting easier and easier as I feel better and better.

Man does he love stickers (teekers).  He will use an entire sheet, and put them all on one, lucky person. 
"Mommy, I hidin!"

He wanted to go on a walk so he climbed in the folded up stroller in his closet.

Visiting Daddy at work is always a huge highlight of his day.

Baths continue to be a huge favorite.

Napping at Grandpa's house on Easter Sunday.

Hiding in my sweatshirt with his sister.

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