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Monday, February 2, 2015

19 months old

He correctly identifies his diaper as poopy most of the time.

He likes to sit on the potty.  He doesn't like to do it with his pants down.

He sings the "y, z" part of the alphabet well.

He sings a lot! He sways side to side when he sings.

He likes to carry one of his puppies around the house. Usually doesn't care which.

Asher's speech these days:
"Nur, nur? Yeah, yeah!"

"Coh?" Runs to pick up coat, puts it in sisters room when asked. Later finds another "coh" and puts one arm in the sleeve.
"Poopy? Poopy?" While getting it changed:  "Biaper? Pee-boo! Ha ha!"
"Puppy, puppy! A puppy!"

I farted and asher pointed to my butt and said, "Poopy?"

I counted to five and asher joined me on 4 and 5!

 He LOVES to color and asks to do so often, especially when he sees us using cool writing implements like my colored grading pens.

He says "door" when he wants something opened and he can't get to it or when he just wants something opened.  It means open, close, and door.

He understands that pictures and video represent something else.

He likes putting things away and puts things together well like pen caps or a nut and bolt.

He loves to color and likes to do it especially is he sees us using cool writing implements.

I told him to wipe his nose and he went, got a tissue from behind the couch, wiped his nose a couple of times, said, "Done!" And put it back in the box.

He likes investigating things like installation men and their gadgets and he loves gadgets like phones, remotes, and light switches.

I told him the blanket and the car were both Mater and he starts saying: "Meemer!" Over and over again as he fondly looked as his sisters Mater truck.

He fell asleep for his nap one day saying, "No, Mommy," over and over (and softer and softer)

The kids and I are watching Finding Nemo and Dave comes home and Asher runs to him excitedly and says "Daddy, Daddy!" Then he runs back to my bedroom pointing to the TV and yelling "Water, WATER!" Because he wanted his Daddy to see the cool watery movie he is watching. It was the cutest thing ever.

He throws things in the garbage.  Even things that don't go in the garbage.

Asher came up to me last night as I was using my essential oils and he opened his sleeper and said, "Lolo? Lolo?" It didn't take me long to realize he wanted me to use some oils on him, so I gave him a gentle blend of cold relief since he's recovering from some sniffles.

He likes making towers with Megablocks.

He says "nope!" Actually, we are at the point where it's impossible to know all the things he can say because he says so many! I just think it's funny when he says "nope" instead of "no."

He closes doors. Sometimes he closes himself inside them by accident.

He says "Bible" when he wants to watch "What's In The Bible," which is definitely his favorite show.

He also likes watching Mater.

He gets so excited when Daddy comes home and eagerly tells him stuff.  He is more excited about seeing that he is home than the actual coming in the door. He usually celebrates before Daddy has a chance to see him.

He and Noelle were sort of on their own while I was sick for a Week and though they had lots of fun they had more conflict too. He's adopted this "leave me alone!" Piggy squeal that he does that drives me and Dave nuts.

My being sick did seem to encourage them to play together more, though.

We had breakfast with Grandpa for Daddy's birthday.  He loves his Grandpa.

He likes the real potty but he really likes his sister's toy potties!

A handmade present for him from my Aunt who made me and all my siblings and my daughter similarly embroidered quilts. 

He loves our nursing sessions and nurses quite often still. 

He wants to be where Daddy is because Daddy does fun things --especially when in the garage. 

He's a sweet little guy.  Very compliant and calm most of the time, but he also has his moments...

Shopping Target clearance with my sweeties.

Morning snuggles with my buddy.  Sometimes I let him hijack my morning quiet time.

More, fun coloring! He really, really loves to color.  I think he sees his sister's passion for it and he can't help but catch it.

They've taken to snuggling together sometimes.

Family teeth brushing session.  Normally Daddy's not here for this part of the day because he works late.

His first haircut.  He did NOT like it one bit but he looked very handsome when it was all over.

He's also squeamish about snow.

His sister made him a Doggy party because he loves doggies.  We pulled out all of his doggies and I think she called him the king of doggies or something sweet like that.

We have a group family hug every morning before parting ways. 
An afternoon in the library.  Other people's toys are always the best!

His last vaccines until kindergarten!!!

He didn't walk or run around in the snow this time but he enjoyed standing there, taking it all in, and sweeping it. 

An afternoon nursing session.  These moments are so precious.

He "helped" me and his sister fold his cloth diapers.
Visiting the neighbor and her puppies.

Building towers with his sister. 

He wanted a "bee-nuh" so he got one (or all of them) himself.

Baths are one of his very favorite things!

Watching the Super Bowl with the guys.  What a cutie pie!

And sometimes he still falls asleep in my arms at bedtime.  I miss the days when it happened every night. 

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