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Saturday, April 4, 2015

10 Weeks Pregnant

I've felt a little better the past couple of mornings.

Ginger water was immensely helpful at the beginning.

I seem to have gotten a stomach bug because on Thursday k couldn't even get out of bed.
I was still sick but functioning on Friday and back to my normal nauseated pregnant self on

I've been struggling at work but Tuesday I finally felt like I was close to being a good teacher again. It was heartbreaking, then to feel so sick on Thursday. Thankfully, I was off that day.

I ate a lot of BEC sandwiches.

I threw up 1-2 times a day except for Thursday when it was 4x.

I feel so much skinnier at the end of this week. I don't feel like weighing myself but I have my first OB apt on Monday.

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