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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

17 Months Old

He watched Mr. Roger's neighborhood and got very excited about the doggy on it. Was yelling "gua gua!" with excitement. 
He goes around the house singing "BEEEE boh (or bum)!" all day long.  I think it means "belly button" but he uses it mostly because he's a happy guy and he likes to sing.

He  said thank you at least twice at a socially appropriate time. We haven't even been actively teaching him that!

He has to ring the doorbell every time we go into the house.

He always goes for the bucket of clothespins when in our bedroom and then walks around the house with a couple.  When I ask him to put them back, though, he does.  He's still a very obedient little guy. 

He found Bunny's Boo doll (From Monster's Inc.) and fell in love with her (probably because of the button on her belly that makes her talk)

He loves stuffed animals and blankets.

He loves buttons that make sounds such as on a phone or a remote control.  

He says done quite clearly when he's finished nursing and sometimes for other things.

He likes singing the ABC song.  He hits the fridge phonics button and dances to the alphabet song while trying to sing it.  When he sings it it's mostly "A, E, A E."  He also loves the letter Y. When he hears the  song, he'll say that letter at the right time if he is patient enough to let it go until the end.  He's interested in letters and seems to know what they are even out of the context of the Fridge Phonics (though that little toy gets the credit).  

 He points to his sisters whiteboard (where she practices reading and writing) and says vowel sounds like he does in the ABC song.

He is very giving. He likes to share his food with you.  If you don't want it, too bad.  He will force feed you. 

He loves going in his sister's room!

He imitates words all the time.

He has started head butting when he is angry. He seems to know he's not allowed to hit, so this is probably a replacement behavior

He got a virus and had a fever for three solid days at the beginning of the month.  Mommy was quite scared because of it.  His blood tests came back clear, though.  Unfortunately, this didn't happen until after he was all better.  

I drew Asher an "A" for his name and identified it as such.  Then he took the chalk and traced the one side of the letter over and over saying, "A! A!" He's not quite feeling better, but a trip outside seemed to lighten his spirits.

He NEEDS a blanket now that he was sick for a week. Anytime he's fussy or tired he has to have one in his hands.

He needs his mommy most of the time and he says mama constantly.

He says apple. And I poop.

He identifies body parts on himself and others
He likes to help empty the dishwasher and he actually puts stuff away when he understands where they go and he can reach.  That, or he rearranges the dirty dishes in the bottom shelf as I load it.  He's very serious about his job too!

He says door (thanks to our cardboard fort) and more. 

He says his name! 

He says baby--sometimes for dolls, mostly for his koala.

He got sick again at the end of the month.  It seems that he had a lingering ear infection from his first virus this month.  Then, he probably had another virus on top of that.  We tried two antibiotics before the ear infection started going away.  Amoxicillin didn't work so we scrapped it after a couple of days and he did the baby Z pack.  Now, I'm giving him yogurt and kefirs to try to rebuild his gut bacteria.  He's also nursing A LOT! He mostly stopped eating when he was sick and just nursed so that's good for his gut too. Of course, I ended up on antibiotics too so I don't know how that affects the good bacteria in me that is transmitted to my breast milk.  That sweet little boy got both his Daddy and me very sick.  I don't remember being that sick for that long since I was a child.  I'm so thankful to be better.  

He and his sister are playing for longer periods of time together--happily. It started when I pulled the cardboard box fort upstairs.  They played in that thing together for hours! Then, when I got sick, they played on top of the underspend Christmas ornament boxes. 

He is like Linus about his blanket! If he's grumpy or sleepy he must have it and if he is really out of sorts he finds the tag and furiously fidgets with it. He even walks around wearing it when he's starting to feel better.

Showering with Daddy is the best.  He just snuggles right up to him and relaxes.  His sister did the opposite at her age.  It was like trying to hold onto a greased fish!

He doesn't use pacifiers and we gave up trying to give them to him at around 6 months of age.  But he found this one and it was his favorite toy for a couple of days.  I got rid of it before he could form a bad habit.  
He fits his sister's Elmo/Cookie hat.  It's a special hat to us because it was hers for so long and it almost became like a part of her personality.  
Bananas are his favorite food.  In this photo, he wanted one, but he wouldn't believe me when I gave him just the banana.  He had to hold the whole bunch to be sure he was getting what he wanted.  He'd just woken up and was quite grumpy. 

Here's a happy, after school nursing session on my bed.  I love these times!

A day in the park, right before he got sick for the first time this month (I believe)

A moment of fun when his fevers were giving us a break.  I didn't realize he was still sick at this point.

His sister and I are reading through the Laura Ingalls Wilder series and we were eating dinner by candlelight as her family would have.  He was fascinated by the candle.

Oh, bananas.  How he loves them!

Reading a "boo." 

Sitting in his little chair. 

"Eyes!" (Yes, he actually identified them on the doll.  Apparently he knows more than we give him credit for because it's all just bursting forth!

He likes to put things away from the dishwasher.  He likes to put things in their place, period.

A visit to a local, Mennonite toy store.  He really enjoyed the table and chairs that are his size.

Playing with Grandpa and the cousins on Thanksgiving. 

Such a big fan of the birds!

Getting our Christmas tree on Black Friday.  It's our tradition and the only shopping we do that day.

Playing with the toy Nativity.

Apples in a bowl. 

He does NOT like the snow. 

He loves to share, though.

He and his daddy are so handsome! We were decorating the tree and Asher was about to take another turn for the worse with another fever.  What a difficult couple of days there.

Thanks to his sister's prolific art skills, he really loves to color and is just learning to use pens and crayons.

Fun picture of my little man in his new hat.

Another sick picture.  Mommy was so scared!

Chillin out, snacking and watching TV I think. He doesn't really watch TV yet, though.

A wrestling snuggle with his sister.

Mommy's gloves are so much cooler than his mittens.


His "baby."  He loves this stuffed animal. He loves them all, though. 

More sick time with his Daddy. 

Yeah.  He's not a fan of the snow, but this was Thanksgiving and we didn't know it but he was still sick then.

Sick on a Sunday, waiting at the Walk-in clinic. 

The morning after knitting night--he found the pizza and got his own slice the next morning.  Guess he was feeling better.

Trains are a new fascination.

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