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Sunday, November 2, 2014

16 months old

"Uh oh" when he drops things

He said "more" (mah) when he heard his sister say it.

I wish I could put a helmet on my son. He gets a new bruise or bump on that beautiful, big, little head at least once a day.

He says "woof" and "quack."  He loves animals and calls most of them "Gua guas."

He waves and squeals towards certain cabinets when he wants stuff.  He used to be allowed in this cabinet with the plastic containers but it made such a royal mess I put the child lock on it.  This photo is when he descovered that child lock for the first time.  He wasn't amused. 

He doesn't really shove his hand down my neckline anymore when he's feeling insecure.

Words: balloon, hello, hi, quack, book, bounce, dat, sit, either please or eat.

He likes carrying around snacks in a ziplock Baggie.

He's getting a little less obedient as he strives to discover the world on his own terms.

He hits. A lot. I'm not sure what to do about it. He seems to realize he can get away with more stuff than his sister and he defends himself and pesters her with hitting.

We moved his sister's kitchen set into his room and he's really excited.

He says "ow" and all animals seem to be "cuac cuac."

He likes to dance and clap to music.  He turns on the ABC song on his Fridge Phonics and dances to that.  He also dances to other music, mostly when he sees his sister dancing. 

He really enjoys little chairs.

He likes to hold our hands during the family meal prayer. He grunts if we forget him.

He presses the dial tone button on the phone in our room and then pitch matches it with his voice.

He loves walking around eating snacks in ziplock baggies.

The angry/hitting phase seems to have calmed after about a week.

He understands and obeys what I consider to be complicated commands like, "Go out that clothespin back in Mommy's room," or "can you bring me Daddy's capo?"

When he's sleepy, he's a little Linus about having a blanket.

He covered me with a blanket the other day when I was lying down on the floor and then he patted me on the back like I always do to him.

He says "done."

He calls all animals gua guas--especially dogs. It is his word for doggy.

If left in his crib for awhile he'll start to play happily and sing to himself. He also likes to shake the crib.

He was fastinated by this roaring dinosaur in Walmart when we went to Ohio.  His sister screamed every time we hit the button but he just got more interested in it.

He loves sunglasses, so these were a hit.

He was NOT a big fan of playing in the leaves.

Leaving daycare under the protective watch of his big sister.

His sister was in the bathroom at the grocery store and he was a bit worried that she'd disappeared behind the door so he kept pointing and grunting with his eyebrows up.  I explained her whereabouts over and over and he only relaxed when she came out. 

A trip to a historical landmark near our house.

At one of his baby sitters' houses.  He goes to a couple of places during the week.  I exchange sitting for Spanish classes for their kids and it saves us so much money on child care.

My two, happy kids.

They're getting along more and more! He was so tickled by her wearing this mask and scaring him.

With Grandma when she came to visit.

Feeling like a big boy in a big chair at Mommy's school.

Look at that little man ready for church! So handsome!

A rare photo with mommy that isn't a self portrait.

The family when we said goodbye to Grandma.

He likes dishes.

At Roxbury for our young adult retreat.  Fun times.

They brush their teeth together.

He has just started trying to put socks and shoes on himself and on others.

He came up and snuggled her as she snuggled me. 

With a blanket and a stuffed animal.  Typical. 

Hanging out with Nonno when he stopped by for a few hours.  Baby Bear was giving him tiny little animals while he and Bunny watched "Fractured Fairy Tales" which they do every time he visits.

Hanging out with one of my students (his favorite one) during miniterms at my school.  He and his sister came by for a little bit.  

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