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Thursday, October 2, 2014

15 months old

"Ca" is cookie

He's got two molars coming in on the top!  We didn't even have any idea and I think it's because he was wearing the amber for over a week. He's got a space between them and the four top front teeth he already has. No canines yet. 

Shakes his head "No." When I ask "All done?" About nursing. Shakes his head no for other things too. 

Getting really independent in his play. Wanders around exploring all on his own. 

He always climbs up the blue chair and rocks back and forth.  Dave calls it his favorite place.

He's still a good listener, and pretty obedient. 

He opens his mouth when I ask him what's in it if it's something he shouldn't have. 

He says hi and bye when waving.

He knows which mornings I'm going to work and fusses more then. 

He feeds us with spoons and dishes.  He's also experimenting eating with them himself. 

He says "sit down!" But it's more like  "sih-daahh!"  And he likes this pink lawn chair of his sisters.  And her other chairs too. 

He prefers to take his FaceTime calls on the fireplace. And HE prefers to take all FaceTime calls.  He screams when he sees you on a Facetime call and realizes what's going on and he's not in control, and he screams when his turn is over.  His sister has to close herself in her bedroom to have conversations with her relatives.

He uses remotes correctly--sort of.
He walks 99% of the time now.

He loves his daddy! Sometimes he asks for him or wants him even when I'm there. 

When Bear mows the lawn he says aaaaahh! When Daddy mows the lawn, he pitch-matches the sound of the mower. 

He can climb up on the couch. 

He usually crawls when he's on grass. That's the only time he crawls these days (9/19).  I don't know why--probably because the ground in our backyard is sort of uneven. 

Asher activates Siri on purpose and then "talks" to her.
Asher: Aaaah!
Siri: I'm sorry, I didn't catch that. 
Asher: Aaaah! Di dih!
Siri: I can't seem to process that request...

He recently  discovered that the iPad has Siri too.
Any time he can use his toy mower or his sister's toy broom, he does. He is always sweeping and mowing. 

He brushes my hair.

He likes to play with Noelle's kitchen and the fridge phonics.

He spins around.  He dances with his sister when she dances. 

He opens ziplock bags

Moody, moody mood swings. 

He shakes his head no a lot but he started shaking it to say yes too. 
Me: Asher do you want to get down?
Asher: *shakes head*
Me: Asher, are you pooping?
Asher: *nods*

Dave: Asher, we're watching football! 
Asher: Ahh...BALL!

Asher--little sweet Asher who kept us all night with fevers and me home today for the same reason--is wandering around happily between bouts of misery and saying, "HEL-lo! And HI-ii!" While waving his little hand. It's quite cute.

 Oh chalk.  He loves chalk.  He tries to be a good boy and not eat it, but eventually he can't help but succumb to the temptation.

We didn't know it, but this was our last visit with Brittany, the neighbors' shih tzu.  Precious girl died a few days later in her "mama's" arms.  But my son enjoyed his last visit with her. She even let him pet her. 

They were eating jalepeños straight from the garden.

He is very musical.  Both the kids are. 

He begs for food when we eat in the car. Here he is, thrilled to have his own bag of Dunkin Donuts munchkins. 

He discovered DUCKS! He started saying "Qua, qua qua!" after that visit.  Currently, all animals say "Qua."

Messy boy begging for everyone else's food and making a huge mess.  It was after this meal that he took a bath and ate all the noodles that were floating in the bath water and then drank the bathwater.  I love him so!!!

Checking out the garden with Daddy. 
Daddy's Mini-Me. 

Seeing the cows at the farm where we get our milk.  (We're very blessed to have antibiotic-free, growth hormone-free, raw milk at our disposal!
A flirty grin to one of his beloved babysitters (who texted me this photo when I needed it most)
My silly kids at dinner time.  Daddy works until just before or after bedtime most nights so we don't get as many family dinners as we'd like, but we make do and we have fun!

Playing outdoors is one of Baby Bear's favorite things to do!

He likes drinking lots of fluids and he steals my waterbottles often. He has his own too.  Also, he can't do sippy cups unless they have straws.

A trip to Walmart where his sister was sick but he was super energetic.

While his sister was sick, he took on the alpha position in the relationship. 
He learned to erase the whiteboard.  He's very proud of himself.  He immediately erased this beautiful artwork of his sister's as soon as he discovered it.

LOTS of fun with Mommy's yarn scraps.  They are now a staple in his toy box. 

Trying to climb like a big boy at the playscape at Mommy's school.

We attempted to watch a HS volleyball match, but after running into the court at least five times to retrieve him after he attempted to get the ball, we decided it wasn't a good idea.

Sitting in his favorite blue chair, enjoying a bowl of dried cereal with his sister.

Family portrait at his sister's Frozen-themed birthday party.  He and Daddy didn't really get into character, but I'm Anna and his sister is Elsa.  I wanted Baby Bear to be Olaf, but he wouldn't keep the hat on so I gave up the idea all together. 

Sitting in on on a preschool Spanish class.  He's doing that more and more lately and when he does he actually sits and listens and participates!  He especially loves the part when I sing and play the guitar and my students play instruments. 

He's trying to put this glove on his foot.  This was one of the first times I noticed him trying to clothe himself! 

Climbing up the slide while playing outside.  He won't slide down it on his own yet, though.  He just hangs out there at the top which drives his sister nuts because she wants a turn sliding down.

While at mine and his sister's check up, the nurse graciously let him play with her stethoscope.  It made his day!

He's always grabbing and eating little bits of mint from my bucket herb garden on the patio. 

Coloring a mural Eating crayons with his sister. 

A trip to the frozen yogurt shop. 

He put this fork in his mouth and sat there waiting for a reaction. 

Grandpa put him up in the tree with his cousin during our family picnic. 

Playing croquet.  He kind of got the idea.  He knew you had to hit the balls with the mallet, but he also liked going around and removing the wickets.

First time in a double wagon ride with his sister. 

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