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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

1 Year Old!

He gave me a hug for the first time when I pulled him out of the crib. It was a sweet, sweet moment for me.  Mostly, he just presses himself into you when you pick him up but this time it was a real hug--arms around me for the littlest bit of time. 

He stood unassisted.  It was by accident, but he did it.

He climbed up to the hearth/fireplace.  It was funny watching him because we used to watch his sister do that all the time!

He likes to bang the back of his head against things.

He loves being outside and will stand at the window if I'm out there without him or if I leave the front door open.  If I'm inside, he'll still hang out at the back door or front door and if I'm carrying him and we get close to those doors and don't go outside, he has a fit.

I had to give him the baby Heimlich because he had a mouth too full of animal crackers.  He threw them all up. 

He climbs everything. 

He loves being outside and comes out with me at least once a day while I tend to the garden or the clothesline.  He mostly doesn't eat anything, only occassionally, except for one day he ate sand, chalk, and mud all within five minutes.  He plays with the tricycle more than with the red four-wheeler these days and he's experimenting with the slide.  He crawls on the patio searching for tiny things like chalk or pebbles to manipulate and/or eat.

"Nana" means nurse--at least for now.

He walks when held by the hands but won't stand alone voluntarily.

He's so curious ans crawls all around the house and the yard getting into stuff.

He likes the new toys he got from his birthday party--especially the ones with lots of pieces.

He wrestle/break-dance/head-bob nurses.

He claps when he's happy.  

 He likes drinking out of cups--grown-up cups.

 We discovered he likes stuffed animals while I was out shopping for a little present to go with his big one.

He constantly sneaks into his sister's room when she leaves the door open.  Constantly.

 One of the few times he actually fell asleep while nursing.  I believe this was right before bedtime, though it's hard to tell from the picture since it gets dark so late these days.

 The two G kids are matching in their yellow, ringed tees and sunflower bottoms--he in his cloth diaper and her in her pj bottoms. Both were upcycled from one of my favorite high school dresses.

 A constant occurrence in our house: she always drags him around. 

 Nina's wedding present came in a LARGE box with lots of packing paper and both kids really enjoyed playing with that all day!

 He LOVES getting wet! I sprayed them both down with the house and then Bunny put sand in both of their hair.  Sigh.

 I began decorating the house for his birthday party with papel picado and when he awoke from his nap and saw it he pointed and said, "Oh! Oh!"

 He knows that cool things are in this chest and he's always trying to get them out and then frustrated when he's too little to do it.

 Trying out his wedding clothes for his uncle's wedding the beginning of next month.

 He still loves standing on this swing!

 Sibling fun with the hula hoops.

 More, awesome water fun!

Brittany, the neighbor's dog, came out and Baby Bear chased her and pet her and whacked her and she rolled over and just let him do it.  

  He was so excited to see Daddy out his window when he stood up during a diaper change. 

 Bolthouse farm juice is super yummy! We got a couple of large containers of it at the bent and dent store for only $.99 because they lacked labels.

Water balloon fun.  He didn't really get to participate but he enjoyed trying to grab them up with his sister.  
 Oh, the cutie cuteness!

 His birthday balloon from Toys R Us.  He LOVES IT!!!

 His Auntie Janet helping me with preparations for his birthday party.

 Hanging out with his aunties and grandma the day before his party.

 One of his best friends was sharing goldfish with him in the nursery at church.  He'd feed one to Baby Bear and then eat one himself.

 His Mexican flag cupcakes for his birthday party.  I didn't have his Auntie Gail this time so went simple.  I'm capable of many creative things, but decorating cakes and cupcakes is NOT one of them.

 The decor!  I was pretty proud of how it all turned out.

 Not a fan of his hat.

 Birthday pictures.

 Hanging out with his little buddy.  She's a cutie!  One day they'll be best friends, I'm sure. 

Did I mention how much he loves his balloons???

Fun at the library with one of his buddies.

Learning boundaries from Daddy.  We have a strict "No-touching-the-stove" policy and Baby Bear doesn't think it's quite fair.

Begging for some of my juice.

His sister is always picking him up.  This time, she was getting him ready to go to his friend's house to be babysat while we went to Daycare to teach a Spanish class.

The little brothers playing together without the older siblings.

We had a chaparr√≥n this week and he LOVED it!  If I hadn't been afraid there would be a thunder storm, I might have just let him sit completely outside in it. He was so excited to be out there and pushed himself out as far as possible, investigating as much as he could.

When I pulled him inside, he cried about it, so I gave him a bath to calm him down.  He felt it was a fair exchange.

The funny face he makes when he eats cold stuff!

Below are photos of his actual birthday.  We try to all be together on our kids' birthdays--though I've had to work for one or two of his sister's (I only work a little each morning) and Dave has had to go in once or twice as well.  We spend the day doing things that the birthday kid likes.  When they're one, we have to just do things we know they like.  When they get older, they get to help us choose.  It's a really fun family time.  

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